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Intercam Provides Flexible Mortgage Options for Candela Prospective Buyers

June 7, 2022

Candela is thrilled to make homeownership seamless for owners with preferred mortgage lender Intercam. Through their sought after Dream Loan program, Intercam offers mortgages designed specifically for Americans and Canadians purchasing property in Mexico.

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Arquine Magazine: Villas Candela

March 22, 2022

The pre-Hispanic villa collection is located in the Yucatan peninsula where it is discreetly integrated into the jungle context, giving prominence to the natural environment. Time will allow the vegetation to take over the space, preventing a clear reading of the age of the villas.

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Candela Tulum Named As A Finalist For SFMOMA’s Permanent Architecture Exhibit

November 29, 2021

Candela Tulum’s award-winning architects Salvador Macias and Magui Peredo of Estudio Macias Peredo have been selected for inclusion in San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art’s permanent architecture exhibit. Candela received special interest from the museum’s curatorial group, which integrated drawings and models from Candela Tulum.

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A Call to Action: Our Collective Responsibility For Sustainable Real Estate Growth

September 28, 2021

Sustainability has been a central aspect of Candela from the start. It has influenced the planning, design and implementation of our communities in Tulum and Valladolid. Through this process, we’ve witnessed abundant greenwashing by developments that try to capitalize on sustainability through marketing superficial “eco features” as a tactic to appeal to buyers. We can no longer afford to develop communities this way. 

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Experience Life in Tulum—The World’s Premier Caribbean Destination Located Along The Shores of Riviera Maya, Mexico

February 2, 2021

White sand shores, ancient Mayan ruins, lush jungle forests—Tulum encompasses an incredible natural landscape that has put it center stage as the premier Caribbean destination. Located along the Riviera Maya coastline in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Tulum has become a picturesque haven for travelers, offering spectacular beauty, fantastic restaurants, and a vibrant art scene. Sun-soaked days meet lively nights, blending wellness and respite with celebration and...

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Candela Announces Exclusive Partnership with Luxury Vacation Club THIRDHOME

February 1, 2021

Established to unlock access to renowned properties internationally, Candela has partnered with THIRDHOME to provide owners the opportunity to swap unused time in their Candela villa for luxury homes worldwide. With over 10,000 luxury home exchanges available in over 94 countries, THIRDHOME’s global exchange club brings a world of travel possibilities to Candela owners; from a castle in Italy to a château in France, the exploration, adventure, and freedom this exclusive...

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Habitación 116 Curates Exquisite Interiors at Candela Redefining Elegance Through Simplicity

January 31, 2021

Evoking minimal design for modern life, Candela’s forward-thinking, contemporary interior design creates a beautiful companion to the Mayan-inspired architecture of the villas amidst the lush Tulum landscape. A canvas for individual expression, villa interiors at Candela showcase the contemporary, sophisticated vision by the esteemed team at Habitación 116, a Mexico City-based architecture and interior design studio...

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Inspired Villa Living: Explore Candela Tulum’s Luxury Wellness Program

January 23, 2021

For a wellness-centric lifestyle in the heart of Tulum, Candela is a premier destination, providing its owners with an ultra-custom wellness program with a thoughtful, intentional approach to holistic living. Centered around the five key pillars of individual well-being that are the foundation of Candela’s unique lifestyle—physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, spiritual and social—the breadth of wellness offerings available enhances life and builds community...

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Candela Partners with Architecture Firm Estudio Macías-Peredo For Tulum Community Modern Living That Celebrates the Past

January 12, 2021

Incredible architecture is one of the most defining aspects of Candela, brought to life through the vision of award-winning Mexican architecture firm Estudio Macías-Peredo. Inspired by ancient Mayan culture, every detail has been thoughtfully curated—from the pyramid-inspired, stair-step exterior design to the circular formation of the villas around the central courtyard. A compelling juxtaposition emerges, where an homage to the past blends with a consideration...

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