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Situated in the heart of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Valladolid is known for its authentic originality that provides a desirable refuge from Riviera Maya’s flashier hot spots. Just 1.5 hours from the nearby Cancun International Airport, as well as Tulum and Merida, Valladolid draws a global audience from the daily flights that land in Riviera Maya from around the world, while also centrally connected to the region’s flourishing nearby destinations. Named the San Miguel de Allende of southeast Mexico, Valladolid immerses a growing number of tourists and locals alike in the unique culture and experiences of the delightful town. Located within Plaza de la Candelaria, a quaint plaza allowing only foot traffic, Candela offers a rare, special community designed to capture the true essence of life in Valladolid.

old church in colonial mexican town

A Prosperous Future

Candela presents one of the few remaining opportunities to live within a boutique, community-style setting due to the scarcity of sizable, developable land and the abundance of federally protected buildings. Guided by clear principles that include boutique urbanism, sustainability, walkability and community, Valladolid is a successful reflection of government officials, investors, developers and the local community making a collaborative commitment to maintaining the originality that defines the town—a true rarity among global destinations that adds a tremendous lasting value to the Valladolid landscape. Significant recent investment in lodging, cultural, and gastronomic offerings, coupled with the government’s mission to revitalize historic buildings through careful preservation, positions Valladolid as both a covetable place to live, as well as a desirable investment.

Authentic Urban Adventures

Quaint in size yet reflective of a rich, worldly heritage, the charming community boasts the most cenotes of any Mexican town, which are scattered throughout with pastel-colored, colonial buildings juxtaposed as an awe-inspiring backdrop. Everyday life is as laid-back as the quiet cobblestone streets, yet lively inspiration thrives, which is on full display during La Fiesta de la Candelaria, the most important celebration in Valladolid, that takes place annually just outside Candela in the pedestrian-only Plaza de la Candelaria.

woman swings from tree root into centote
colorful buildings in colonial mexican town

A Flourishing Atmosphere

Enjoy the region’s famous gastronomic experiences from dining concepts that draw upon the town’s storied history, some of which have received international recognition. Take in famous attractions such as the Catedral de San Servacio and San Bernardino de Siena Convent, transporting you back to the 16th century for an experience that truly gives insight to the historical depths of Valladolid. Then set off to explore the renowned attractions that lie just outside of Valladolid, including Chichen Itza—a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the new Seven Wonders of The World—which is located just 20 minutes from Candela.

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