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Enhancing A Lasting Connection

Candela presents a dynamic mix of amenities and services, each designed with the foresight to improve quality of life through engaging connection, relaxation and experiences. Each offering is integrated with a purposefulness that enhances daily life, whether venturing to a morning spa treatment, spending the day poolside, getting work done in an inspiring atmosphere or grabbing a bite to eat before heading out on the town.

central community pool at night

Central Pool

Among the most unique aspects of Candela is the central pool that wanders its way through the community, acting as an homage to ancient vestiges that have stood intermingled with natural waters for centuries. The pool twists and turns around residences, sparking a sense of spontaneity around each corner that is heightened by a candlelit atmosphere. Water corridors merge with private terraces, fostering social gatherings and a close sense of community. Jump in directly from residences, making the experience one-of-a-kind.

Signature Restaurant

A tribute to Valladolid, the signature restaurant at Candela will welcome owners with exclusive access and discounts to its sophisticated dining experience pioneered by a celebrated chef. Known to offer the best gastronomic experiences in Mexico, Yucatan has a rich history that Candela will draw upon to create a fresh, advanced concept that uniquely complements regional flavors. From dawn till dusk, enjoy a lounge-like atmosphere for casual, open-air dining, which then transitions to a more structured environment as the sun starts to set. 

large open-air restaurant
rooftop pool with lounge

Rooftop Pool & Bar

Perched atop Candela, the rooftop pool and bar draws you in for its ambience and views—day and night. With views of the surrounding townscape, enjoy sun-soaked days poolside with fresh fare and hand-crafted beverages from locally sourced, natural ingredients while gathering with friends and family above the sights and sounds of the Plaza de la Candelaria.


For one of the most exclusive dining experiences in Valladolid’s famed culinary scene, reserve the Omakase room for an intimate, unforgettable meal for up to eight people. Enjoy a curated menu developed by a leading chef that features a fusion of Japanese and Mexican cuisines from locally sourced, seasonal specialties. The memorable experience merges the open-concept kitchen with bar seating for an integrated environment that connects and unites the ingredients, preparation and chef’s inspiration for an enriching meal with historical context, culture and traditions.

private dining room bar
private spa with hot tub


Inspired by ancient bathhouses, the spa at Candela welcomes guests for a restorative, rejuvenating experience with signature treatments that feature long celebrated healing practices developed throughout the years in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Indulge in a customized massage or take a plunge in the perfectly refreshing pool waters, all while taking in views of the surrounding Valladolid sights.

Co-Working Studio

Providing the opportunity to work efficiently while in Valladolid, Candela offers an inspiring, professional lounge that features both individual suites for independent work as well as table settings for group collaboration. This dedicated co-working studio allows guests to work remotely with ease through top-of-the-line fiber optic internet, whether planning to work while in Valladolid or needing to escape for a quick project that came up.

co-working studio with desks
residential building with boutique

Local Boutiques

Curated with local, artisan goods, the boutiques at Candela provide the opportunity to take a piece of Valladolid with you wherever you go. Clothing, accessories and small goods are crafted by hand from artists and makers that have lived in Yucatan for years, providing the reassurance of an authentic, unique find that’s truly supportive of the surrounding community.

Fitness Studio

The fitness studio provides a convenient, state-of-the-art gym for a full-body workout, including world-class cardio equipment and weight machines designed to elevate your exercise routine. Accommodating light training sessions to high-intensity drills, the fitness studio is designed to make a healthy lifestyle easily attainable while in Valladolid.

women workout with bodyweight
serene lobby with stone work

Exceptional Property &
Rental Management

Maya Luxe, the leading luxury villa management company in Riviera Maya, will oversee each aspect of homeownership at Candela. Offering an effortless, turnkey living experience that ranges from managing ongoing rentals to dedicated concierge services, Maya Luxe ensures each thoughtful detail is planned in order for you to maximize your time in Valladolid. The team at Maya Luxe captures more than a decade of experience that directly translates to maximizing your return on investment.

Community Amenity


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