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A Commitment To
Forward-Thinking Design

Candela is committed to ensuring our destinations offer a regenerative quality, not only for owners but also for the surrounding communities, natural habitats and greater regions that coexist. With a mission of making a generational impact by leaving each destination better than it was before, Candela sets a new standard for environmentally sensitive, resource-efficient design for luxury residential and mixed-use developments.

plaster exterior with tiered design

Candela tulum

Candela sits within a new area earmarked by the Mexican government for high-end, low-density development, ensuring privacy and views will be preserved for generations to come. Encompassing 2.5 acres of land with more than 70% being preserved, Candela presents an unprecedented approach to residential sustainability in Tulum.

Implementing Environmental Initiatives

Villas rise up in a pyramidal formation to minimize the jungle footprint and follow strict building and construction practices, utilizing eco-friendly building materials, setting limits for the acceptable distance of freighted materials, and designing efficient uses of walls and windows to minimize energy consumption. Water treatment facilities and strict waste management protocols are also in place.

open-air terrace with pool on exterior

Utilizing Permaculture Practices

Candela will oversee organic gardens and composting exercises to influence a more regenerative, self-sufficient community system. Owners and guests will enjoy the benefits of these integrated, inclusive actions through locally grown, organic foods and beverages from the surrounding lands.

orange tree

Uplifting Local Communities

Candela supports local communities through developing economic and social partnerships, ranging from locally made, biodegradable products crafted by local families to offering opportunities for guests to experience Tulum in a more authentic, culturally supportive way.

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Candela Valladolid

Candela offers a forward-thinking approach to urban sustainability, infusing core principles from Candela’s mission into the townscape of Valladolid. An homage to the cherished colonial setting, Candela will create a modernized, resource-efficient community that will thrive for generations to come.

Sustainable Initiatives Beyond Candela

With the vision to improve the historical Plaza de la Candelaria and buildings that surround, Candela is partnering with local government officials to reimagine and preserve the architecture, design and culture that has given a lasting identity to Valladolid.

Modern Day Frontier

Inside Candela, residences will feature eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient walls and windows, and a structured layout to maintain a light carbon footprint. Water and waste management systems are thoughtfully planned to ensure an operationally sustainable future for Candela for many years to come.

courtyard filled with green plants

A Locally Focused Mindset

The culture and history of Valladolid is sacred to Candela. It’s what has drawn many to the charming town, and will continue to do just that so long as it’s nurtured and maintained. Establishing economic and social partnerships with the local community, Candela will offer locally made, artisan products crafted by the townspeople, as well as exclusive experiences that showcase an authentic, culturally supportive tourism model.

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