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Creating Communities That Inspire

Candela was created from the belief that residential communities should improve quality of life for owners, inspiring a purposeful, intuitive lifestyle that’s deeply connected to the surroundings. Never trendy, Candela focuses on long-standing traditions unique to each location to cultivate an experience that is at once relevant to modern life and stands the test of time. This is achieved by uniting bespoke amenities, creative dining experiences, artisan boutiques and more, all curated by the Candela team to enhance daily life.

courtyard with greenery on stone walls

A Guiding Vision

Coba Capital, developer of Candela, delivers communities that fulfill what is currently missing in today’s market. Each Candela offering is an homage to the local history, culture and landscape, blending specific elements of the location into an offering that’s freshly relevant for a modern lifestyle. This approach means no two communities are alike, ranging from urban residences, artisan retail and signature dining in Valladolid to private jungle villas in Tulum. The team remains committed to growing the Candela portfolio, strategically adding to the boutique collection through opportunities that align closely with this unique ethos.

private pool and lounge with jungle surrounding

Beyond A Place To Live

Each Candela community offers a range of amenities and services that are thoughtfully designed to add value to daily life, rather than just checking a box. From wellness-driven programming to world-class property management, exclusive partnerships to proprietary experiences, owning at Candela delivers so much more than just a place to call home.