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Inspired By A Visionary Team

Candela is the result of renowned teams coming together to collaborate and create. The communities are a case study in developing a truly meaningful residential living experience, with each detail representing a thoughtful, purposeful decision through world-class design, strategic programming, sustainable initiatives and a guiding focus on community. While each team is an industry-leader in their own respective fields, Candela showcases what can be achieved through following one singular vision.


Coba Capital, the developer of Candela, is a Mexico-based real estate and investment firm focused on delivering quality residential solutions in anti-cyclical markets. Utilizing a rigorous investment and risk-management framework, Coba Capital sources, acquires, entitles, develops and commercializes its projects with the goal of setting a new standard for forward-thinking, sustainable construction. A distinctive union of experience and vision, Coba Capital is characterized by its commitment to compelling design, ensuring each project honors its locality while also presenting a global influence—an approach that transcends the typical development model to drive increased demand and long-standing value.


Salvador Macias and Magui Peredo are leaders in sustainable architecture, a practice they consider fundamental to the future of Mexico’s rural and urban communities. They have designed some of the country’s most celebrated projects, garnering multiple national and international awards along the way. Their work is reconciled with local traditions and blends the use of local materials in a creative, contemporary approach.

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interior design:
habitación 116

Habitación 116 is an architecture and interior design studio as well as a furniture and decor shop that offers a completely custom experience for each client. At Candela, the firm has redefined elegance through simplicity. With a focus on hand-made and natural materials, they crafted luxurious yet relaxed spaces and carefully curated furnishing selections for homeowners.

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wellness &
holistic design:

Haumn is a full-service, holistic design studio that creates intentional environments and experiences to support integrated health and well-being. Guided by the core pillars of wellness—physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental and social—Haumn offers spatial and experiential design, as well as programming and activations, for commercial, residential and private clients. For Candela, Haumn developed a proprietary holistic wellness program, with aspects ranging from communal amenity design to planned rituals and experiences, all strategically envisioned to increase quality of life for residents.

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property management:
maya luxe

Maya Luxe is Riviera Maya’s leading luxury villa rental company, serving owners for more than ten years. Maya Luxe crafts exceptional vacations for its guests, which translates to filled rental calendars and a maximum return on investment for villa owners. In addition to its extensive marketing initiatives and key partnerships in the luxury segment, Maya Luxe provides a turnkey solution for villa owners through property management, concierge service, legal services and overall transparency in property administration.

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art curation:
patricia larsen

Patricia Larsen is an artist, interior designer and cultural creative that curates one-of-a-kind spaces to reflect the soulful and poetic nature of her clients. Known for creating minimalist environments that beautifully intertwine harmony and disharmony, Patricia focuses on shape, color and materials to develop timeless, uniquely compelling atmospheres that have been featured by the likes of Architectural Digest. Based in Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato, Patricia sources art both locally and internationally, perfectly selecting each element to cultivate a meaningful, sophisticated interior aesthetic. Candela is honored to offer our owners an opportunity to engage Patricia as an Art Curator for their private villas.

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