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Inspired Villa Living: Explore Candela Tulum’s Luxury Wellness Program

January 23, 2021

For a wellness-centric lifestyle in the heart of Tulum, Candela is a premier destination, providing its owners with an ultra-custom wellness program with a thoughtful, intentional approach to holistic living. Centered around the five key pillars of individual well-being that are the foundation of Candela’s unique lifestyle—physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, spiritual and social—the breadth of wellness offerings available enhances life and builds community.

Rooted in a mission to improve the quality of life for residents, even when not present in Tulum, Candela has designed amenities and services with an integrative approach that nourishes each aspect of one’s well-being. From thoughtfully designed central spaces to each carefully curated experience, Candela inspires and elevates daily life, both in Tulum as well as around the world.

Curated by Haumn, a full-service, holistic design studio that creates intentional environments and experiences to support integrated health and well-being, Candela’s wellness offering includes spatial and experiential design as well as programming and activations. Owners have the opportunity to enjoy personalized experiences, ranging from in-villa dining and exclusive spa treatments with local oil blends to working with renowned spiritual practitioners. In the evenings, experience Sobremesa, a special self-activated ritual exclusive to Candela that brings guests together to relax under the starry night sky. The customizable services and experiences ensure every aspect of your time in Tulum is not only taken care of, it’s exceptional.

Candela’s unique spaces infuse wellness seamlessly into everyday life. An arboretum area brings people together and builds community with its various meeting points, lounge areas, and fire pits, presenting opportunities for natural connection. Throughout the day, La Cocina, a gastronomic destination, provides a central point for organic, spontaneous gatherings as well as coffee and hand-crafted, artisanal teas made from locally sourced, natural ingredients.

Candela’s permaculture practices include organic gardens, which are nestled between each villa, and composting exercises, with the goal of influencing a more regenerative, self-sufficient community system. Owners and guests will enjoy the benefits of these integrated, inclusive practices through access to locally grown, organic foods and beverages, all hand-crafted with natural ingredients and herbs from the surrounding lands.

While the most compelling aspect of life at Candela is the pristine natural surroundings, it is the lifestyle in totality that truly makes the community unlike any other offering in Tulum.