Candela Announces Exclusive Partnership with Luxury Vacation Club THIRDHOME - Candela

Candela Announces Exclusive Partnership with Luxury Vacation Club THIRDHOME

February 1, 2021

Established to unlock access to renowned properties internationally, Candela has partnered with THIRDHOME to provide owners the opportunity to swap unused time in their Candela villa for luxury homes worldwide. With over 10,000 luxury home exchanges available in over 94 countries, THIRDHOME’s global exchange club brings a world of travel possibilities to Candela owners; from a castle in Italy to a château in France, the exploration, adventure, and freedom this exclusive membership brings has no limit.

Villa owners instantly receive complimentary THIRDHOME memberships, with up to two weeks of exchange time to start traveling immediately. They then earn “Keys”—travel credits—by depositing time in their homes into The Club. The more time they deposit, the more Keys they can earn. They’ll never pay a nightly fee for accommodations but rather use their Key credits and pay an exchange fee, which averages about $700 total for a week-long stay.

Endless travel destinations await. Stay at a cliffside retreat in South Africa, an exquisite A-frame in Napa, an oceanfront estate in Indonesia, a pueblo in Spain, or on a yacht in the Virgin Islands. Your investment in Candela is an investment in a lifestyle of curated travel experiences. Unused time in Tulum will never go to waste—it only expands your travels. Both fractional and full owners benefit from the partnership, which doesn’t interfere with local rentals executed by Maya Luxe.

For those looking to enjoy the exquisite lifestyle and year-round beauty of Tulum while also seizing the opportunity to explore the world, Candela offers the best of both worlds. With unmatched travel flexibility, welcome to a world of travel to your doorstep. First destination: Candela.