Experience Life in Tulum—The World’s Premier Caribbean Destination Located Along The Shores of Riviera Maya, Mexico - Candela

Experience Life in Tulum—The World’s Premier Caribbean Destination Located Along The Shores of Riviera Maya, Mexico

February 2, 2021

White sand shores, ancient Mayan ruins, lush jungle forests—Tulum encompasses an incredible natural landscape that has put it center stage as the premier Caribbean destination. Located along the Riviera Maya coastline in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, Tulum has become a picturesque haven for travelers, offering spectacular beauty, fantastic restaurants, and a vibrant art scene. Sun-soaked days meet lively nights, blending wellness and respite with celebration and engagement. With an abundance of festivals and events—such as the annual Art With Me festival and the Tulum Food, Spirits and Wine Festival—Candela is surrounded by the best of Tulum, offering a rich lifestyle and an array of magnificent sites and restaurants that make it a year-round destination.

Sights to be Seen

To be immersed in pure, untouched nature, travel south down the coast to the Sian Ka’an biosphere, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes one million acres of incredible land, stretching as far as the eye can see. Float down its lazy river or explore the majestic jungle.

Enjoying the area’s exquisite nature doesn’t require leaving Candela; residents can wander the spectacular grounds right outside their doorstep, which include a central arboretum—a botanical garden-like setting beneath the shade of the jungle trees. Walking paths, communal fire pits, observation zones, and lounge areas bring the surrounding nature of Tulum into daily living at Candela.

Nearby ancient ruins overlook the sea, while tropical forests and marshes are home to a range of animal life, including monkeys and more than 300 bird species. Tulum Pueblo, Tulum’s lovely central town area, is minutes away, offering charming local boutiques and cafes.

Picturesque Waters

The immaculate sea steals the spotlight in Tulum, alluring beachgoers, divers, and snorkelers with its warm Caribbean waters and impressive barrier reef—the second-largest in the world. You can find yoga enthusiasts and iguanas on Playa Paraíso, enjoy the gorgeous scenery at Playa Ruinas, and escape crowds at Playa Las Palmas. From May to October, experience sea turtle nesting season where, each evening after sunset, mother turtles slowly make their way onto the beach to lay their eggs before returning to the sea.

One of Tulum’s secret gems, Laguna Kaan Luum is just down the street from Candela and is a place you’ll return to again and again. Secluded and unique, picnic along the shores and swim in the remarkable turquoise water, which features a deep cenote in the center of the lagoon. Treat your skin to the natural mud bath, thought to have many healing benefits.

Many other cenotes are available for exploration, believed to be sacred by the Mayan people. These natural watering holes are breathtaking oases that will capture your imagination and lead to long afternoons spent immersed in the clean, enchanting waters. With over 6,000 cenotes in the Yucatán Peninsula alone, start by taking a dip in the nearby Gran Cenote or Cenote Cristal, moments away from Candela. Explore Cenote Dos Ojos, 40 minutes north from Candela and the crystalline waters of Nativus, 40 minutes south.

Flavors of Tulum

Tulum is unmistakably a foodie’s paradise, a hub for world-class chefs showcasing wellness-focused cuisine, bursting with vegetarian and vegan options. Many restaurants highlight indigenous ingredients as well as in-ground pit cooking called “pib” (visit the restaurant Ka’an if you’re looking to try pib) and ancestral Mayan spirits like pox. From wood-fired veggies at Casa Jaguar to truffle mushroom tacos at Gitano, explore chic eateries and incredible food that will make your time in Tulum that much more memorable. Delve into unique daily menus at Hartwood and the sustainable culinary creations of Verdant. Dine in the lush jungle of NÜ Tulum, located at Nest Tulum—offering exclusive discounts for Candela owners through a preferred partnership—where modern and traditional Mexican cuisine collide, featuring fresh, locally sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Amidst the surrounding enticing beauty, Candela places owners within direct access to the best of Tulum while also offering unmatched privacy. With spectacular sites to be explored, food to be tasted, and adventures to be had, Tulum embraces a distinctive spirit all its own—it’s a magnificent year-round oasis that will leave you wanting more.