Habitación 116 Curates Exquisite Interiors at Candela Redefining Elegance Through Simplicity - Candela

Habitación 116 Curates Exquisite Interiors at Candela Redefining Elegance Through Simplicity

January 31, 2021

Evoking minimal design for modern life, Candela’s forward-thinking, contemporary interior design creates a beautiful companion to the Mayan-inspired architecture of the villas amidst the lush Tulum landscape. A canvas for individual expression, villa interiors at Candela showcase the contemporary, sophisticated vision by the esteemed team at Habitación 116, a Mexico City-based architecture and interior design studio.

At Candela, Habitación 116 has redefined elegance through simplicity. With a focus on hand-made and natural materials, they have crafted luxurious yet relaxed spaces that are timeless and seamless. Airy, open interiors showcase meticulous attention to detail with hand-sculpted features and modern finishes, while locally sourced, organically inspired materials, such as wood and natural stone, are found throughout the expansive villas. Warm and inviting, the interiors meet the surrounding jungle in a way that ensures nature remains at the forefront of the living experience.

Candela owners have the opportunity to be fully immersed in the exquisite world of Habitación 116 from the moment they receive the keys to their private villa—a world in which a clear vision and distinct voice are apparent in every design detail. Habitación 116 has carefully curated furnishing selections for homeowners who are seeking a turnkey living experience, featuring unique interior pieces ranging from large-scale furniture to linens and hand towels through the option of purchasing three distinct tiers of interior design packages.

Residents will find the collaboration between Candela and Habitación 116 to be harmonious and philosophical, redefining everyday life using the highest quality of materials to provide an experience beyond the typical. Thoughtful, curatorial, and visionary—welcome to life at Candela.