Candela Partners with Architecture Firm Estudio Macías-Peredo For Tulum Community Modern Living That Celebrates the Past - Candela

Candela Partners with Architecture Firm Estudio Macías-Peredo For Tulum Community Modern Living That Celebrates the Past

January 12, 2021

Incredible architecture is one of the most defining aspects of Candela, brought to life through the vision of award-winning Mexican architecture firm Estudio Macías-Peredo. Inspired by ancient Mayan culture, every detail has been thoughtfully curated—from the pyramid-inspired, stair-step exterior design to the circular formation of the villas around the central courtyard. A compelling juxtaposition emerges, where an homage to the past blends with a consideration of the present—a rare duality that creates an authentic, modern living experience that honors the history of Tulum.

Candela has been designed to be at home in its surroundings. “Candela aims to create an architecture that feels like it belongs in its setting. It doesn’t attempt to imitate anything, in any case, it attempts to recall what has existed there since ancient times,” explains architect Salvador Macías. Celebrated as an integral architectural feature, the surrounding nature filters light through its lush foliage to alter the environment within Candela as the sun moves across the sky each day. This connection—both indoors and outdoors—creates a meaningful conversation between nature and structure.

“We like to visit historical vestiges where so many years have passed that nature has done its thing, and where buildings have slowly been eroded and taken over by it,” says architect Magui Peredo. This is evident in the exterior of the villas at Candela, which resemble ancient archeological ruins that rise amidst the trees to maximize panoramic views of the jungle, the centerpiece of life at Candela.

Having designed some of the country’s most celebrated architectural masterpieces, the work of Estudio Macías-Peredo is reconciled with local traditions and blends the use of local materials in a creative, contemporary approach with sustainability at the forefront of their design. As leaders in sustainable architecture, Salvador Macias and Magui Peredo consider the future of Mexico’s rural and urban communities in every project. “I would say that Candela is born from a question which is how can we build houses that are immersed in the jungle while living in a contemporary world?” says Magui. “In contrast to any other development one can truly see the value of this project in the undeveloped area, because the most precious thing is the jungle.”

With low-density at the core of the community’s plan, Candela’s villas rise up vertically through their natural surroundings in a pyramidal formation in order to minimize the jungle footprint. Each of the 12 private villas utilize eco-friendly building materials and practices, from using local materials to efficiently leveraging walls and windows for lower energy consumption.

Unique, contemplative, and inquisitive, Candela has envisioned jungle living in a spectacular new way that tells a nuanced story of Tulum’s past and present. With sustainability and the jungle itself at the forefront of the design, Candela’s architecture has curated a seamless flow between human and nature, offering a harmonious narrative that speaks volumes.